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                  Wuxi Jiaxian Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete and sound after-sales maintenance system, as well as business partners capable of providing after-sales service. Customers will truly enjoy 7x24 hours of sincere service.

                  Our company will provide:

                  ▲ One year free maintenance period;

                  24/7 maintenance and major event support services;

                  Inspection and maintenance services

                  We will provide one year of free basic regular maintenance, inspection, and upkeep services, and during the free maintenance period, we will provide free maintenance for all malfunctions.

                  The customer service personnel of Jiaxian Petrochemical Company have rich engineering experience in China, with strong maintenance, repair, and engineering experience. They have participated in multiple government engineering projects. After troubleshooting, provide customers with good maintenance records and submit repair reports every time, explain the cause of damage, repair methods, and suggestions to prevent the situation from happening again.



                  (DAY 7×24)

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