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                  The main reason for the cooling circulating water of the evaporator being poured into the centralized equipment
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                  What are the conditions for cooling circulating water in the evaporator? What is the situation?

                  The reasons are as follows:

                  Suddenly, the vacuum value in the pot is higher than that of the ultrafiltration equipment. At present, the steam has not been shut off in a timely manner to disrupt the vacuum value in the pot. The cooling circulating water in the ultrafiltration device can be poured into the centralized device.

                  2. It is not possible to operate in the normal sequence (when the equipment stops operating, the vacuum technology should be turned off, and then the vacuum pump in the pot should be destroyed), so that the vacuum pump in the pot is immediately higher than the ultrafiltration equipment, and the cooling circulating water may flow back.

                  The common fault of vacuum technology suddenly reduces the pumping speed of ultrafiltration equipment. In this case, if the vacuum pump in the destroyed pot is not used in a timely manner, the cooling circulating water will flow backwards.

                  The left and right three are the main reasons why evaporators may cause cooling water to enter the centralized equipment. You can compare the survey simultaneously, and you must prepare the experimental instruments when using the equipment. Ensure smooth development of work!



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